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Your local health plan.

At Community Care Health, we believe in making life better. We believe your health plan should do more than help you get well when you’re sick. At Community Care Health we want to help keep you well. We make sure you get the right care, at the right time, to help keep little health problems from becoming big ones. And we do this by making care affordable and accessible.

Our health plans include the features that put you first:

  • Top quality care teams, services and facilities
  • Strong relationships between you and your doctor
  • Doctors give you the time you need, so they really get to know you – and your health risks
  • Coordinated care with one electronic medical record that keeps your care team all on the same page

Community Care Health is a wholly owned subsidiary of Community Medical Centers and contracts with Santé Community Providers.

About Community Medical Centers

Community Medical Centers is a locally owned, not-for-profit, public-benefit organization. Based in Fresno, California, it’s the region’s largest healthcare provider and private employer. Community operates four hospitals – Community Regional Medical CenterClovis Community Medical CenterFresno Heart & Surgical Hospital and Community Behavioral Health Center  – as well as several long-term care, outpatient, and other healthcare facilities and a physician residency program with the University of California, San Francisco.

About Santé Community Providers

Santé Community Physicians is Central California’s Premier Group of physicians and healthcare providers. Santé is a group of more than 1,200 physicians and nurse practitioners dedicated to good health. In fact, it’s written in the name. Santé is a French term meaning “health” or “to your good health”.