Community Health System – Changes for a Better, Stronger Tomorrow

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We are proud to introduce our new Community Health System name and logo. While the changes may be subtle, it represents the progress and bold changes we’ve made to position Community for a better, stronger tomorrow.

Community Health System logo


For some time, we’ve stressed the importance of our hospitals and care centers operating as a system to improve quality, efficiency and provide an enhanced, more seamless patient care experience.

That “systemness” is even more extensive today — going beyond our growing services and hospitals and care centers. We’re expanding in other ways to build a truly integrated healthcare delivery system to serve the Central Valley and its future generations.

Today, our locally owned and operated health system includes three distinct and equally important entities. Together, they form Community Health System and give you, your families and our community multiple access points to our growing healthcare network:

Community Medical Centers: Our Hospitals & Facilities Community Medical Centers logo

For decades, Valley families have relied on the high-level care Community delivers. Today, through our four hospitals, outpatient and long-term care centers, Community provides 60 percent of Fresno County’s inpatient care, admitting nearly 53,000 patients annually. About 172,000 people visit our emergency departments and we have the region’s only inpatient behavioral health center. Community Medical Centers employs the majority of our 8,800 team members.   

Community Provider Network: Our Physician Partners Community Provider Network logo

Our Community Provider Network demonstrates our core belief that we are stronger working 
side by side with our physician partners. Whether it’s residents and faculty physicians who are part of our more than 40-year partnership with UCSF Fresno Medical Education Program, or our longstanding relationships with hundreds of independent physicians and medical groups, Community Provider Network exists to provide support and choice for physicians and providers at every stage of their career, however they choose to affiliate with us. 

Our Community Provider Network features one of our newest offerings for physicians and providers — Community Health Partners. This not-for-profit medical foundation allows Community to closely collaborate with physicians to enrich and expand primary and specialty care services by directly investing in things like medical research, advanced equipment, starting new practice sites, recruiting physicians to the area, and caring for our underserved populations. Launched in Fall 2020, Community Health Partners employs 100 team members and will soon include more than 120 physicians and providers.​

Community Care Health: Our Health Insurance Plan Community Care Health logo

Community’s health plan, Community Care Health, is the only locally based health insurance plan in the area and serves 12,000 members in Fresno and neighboring counties — providing access to not only our hospitals and care centers, but our network of affiliated primary and specialty care providers. 
Our new logo makeover helps demonstrate the coordinated but distinct entities that make up our Community Health System. I want the community we serve to understand and appreciate the components of our health system. But even more, I want you to know that you have access to excellent care and services when you need it most, and we will relentlessly strive for patient-centered healthcare that Valley residents can count on for decades to come.

Craig S. Castro
President & Chief Executive Officer
Community Health System