Doctors urge parents to keep vaccinating kids

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Pediatricians across the country and in the Central Valley have seen a significant decline in patient visits since the coronavirus pandemic began. Many are concerned that by avoiding coming to the doctor, children are not getting the care they need.

“Families have been pushing out their well-child visits, so vaccinations are getting delayed. According to the latest data from the CDC, you have a drop from 20 to 40% in terms of vaccination rates and that’s going to pose significant problems, particularly for other infections such as measles, pertussis,” says Dr. John Moua, UCSF Fresno pediatric pulmonologist and medical director for the Pediatric Specialty Center on the campus of Community Regional Medical Center.

He says it’s more important than ever to get the flu vaccine as fall approaches to protect yourself from at least one of the viruses. Health offices continue to take precautions during the coronavirus pandemic and encourage parents to go to their well visits for their kids, and themselves.

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