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CCH Now Offering e-Visits for Members

Community Care Health (CCH) is proud to offer its members an easy, affordable and more convenient way to see their Community Medical Provider (CMP) physicians – through e-Visits. E-Visits are online visits with CMP medical providers for non-urgent issues. And for CCH members, e-Visits are only a $10 co-pay.

e-Visits enable private – and secure – online communications with your primary care physician. With access to your personal health record, the advice you receive is specific to you and to your particular health situation – not a generic response from someone you’ve never met.

e-Visits are the ideal alternative to a traditional office visit for select, non-urgent medical issues, including back pain, diarrhea, cough, flu, headache, heart burn, red eye, sinus problems, tiredness/fatigue, urinary problems, and vaginal discharge/irritation.


Providers Currently Offering e-Visits

Care Center North

  • Dr. Armyn Carbonell
  • Dr. Luis Martinez
  • Dr. Patricia Quintana-Van Horne
  • Dr. Sami Issa
  • Dr. Peter Zaki


  • Dr. Anasuya Kulkarni
  • Dr. Bonnie Her

CMP Auberry

  • Dr. Barbara Stewart 

CMP Clovis

  • Dr. Jay F. Downey

  • Dr. Anthony Montana

Copeland Medical Healthcare Partners

  • Cynthia Baer, FNP
  • ​Dr. Gregory Copeland
  • Dr. Lee Copeland
  • Victor Gunn, PA
  • Linda V. Land, NP
  • Dr. Albert Mu
  • Dr. Kristin Stockamp

Fresno Community

  • Dr. Ali Fayed

CMP West

  • Dr. Mary A. Sadlek
  • Dr. Naveen Alam

Northwest Medical

  • Dr. Nikki A. Donaldson
  • ​Danneal Richards, FNP-C

Reedley West

  • Dr. Ren Imai

  • Dr. Norma Solis

  • Dr. Jennifer O. Vradenburg-Haworth

For more information about these providers, please visit our Provider Directory.

Getting Started

e-Visits are available through MyChart – your personalized online healthcare portal. From your mobile app (if you haven’t downloaded it already, please do so) simply select MyClinical from the menu and then login to MyChart. If you are not currently registered with MyChart, visit mychart.communitymedical.org and select, Sign Up Now.

Instructions to Sign up for MyChart with an Activation Code:

If you have visited your practitioner recently, you should have received a MyChart Activation Code. If so, enter it on this page along with additional information to set up your account.

Instructions to Sign into MyChart without an Activation Code:

If you do not have an activation code, simply select Sign Up Online. You’ll be asked a series of questions and will receive your access in a few days.