What is Community Care Health’s service area?

Community Care Health is Fresno’s only locally based, commercial health plan. We serve members based in Fresno and adjoining counties. See a list of all PHARMACIES included in Community Care Health’s service area.

What lines of business does Community Care Health serve?

Currently, Community Care Health serves the large group commercial market. To learn more about Community Care Health email us at sales@communitycarehealth.org.

Can Community Care Health members get covered care outside of the plan’s service area?

Yes, members are covered for emergency care wherever they are, although routine care is only covered at home in our service area. If you think you’re having a medical or psychiatric emergency call 911 or go to the nearest hospital.

Which services are covered under Community Care Health’s plan?

Community Care Health is a comprehensive health care service plan that offers a full range of medical care. Covered services always include coverage for doctor office visits, hospital stays, surgery, outpatient procedures, preventive services (periodic immunizations, physical exams, and routine screenings) and much more. These services are provided at varying levels of copayments and/or coinsurance. Coverage varies depending on the benefit plan you’re enrolled in. Contact member services if you have questions about which services are covered under your plan and your cost share.