Network Expansion

Community Care Health is excited to announce the expansion of our network, enhanced presence in the Central Valley and the addition of self-referral opportunities. Our expanded provider panel now maintains direct contracts with more than 2,000 providers, including:

Community Health Partners:

Comprised of the area’s leading specialists in pediatrics, gynecologic oncology, spine and neurosurgery, and medical oncology, among others.

Valley Children's Hospital

CCH members now have access to Valley Children’s Hospital, one of the top pediatric centers in the nation, including the ChildNet panel of over 640 pediatricians and specialists.

Halcyon Behavioral

Adds over 200 new contracted behavioral health and substance abuse providers and enhanced customer service capabilities.


Broadens our chiropractic, physical, occupational and speech therapy network of providers.

Enhanced Presence in the Central Valley

Though 2020-2021 has been a challenging time in healthcare, CCH has not only remained steadfast in our commitment to the community, but we have simultaneously enhanced our presence in the Central Valley.

  • Increased Access: Over 30% increase in provider panel size.
  • Greater Choice: Over 200 PCPs available (and growing).
  • Extended Provider Stability: Average provider contract length is 3 years.
  • Growing Service Area: CCH is working to expand its geographic service area in 2022.

Additional Self-Referral Opportunities

Starting in 2022, CCH members will have additional self-referral opportunities. While CCH members have already been able to self-refer for OB/GYN and behavioral health services, they will now have the opportunity to also be able to obtain dermatology and allergy services, without a referral from their PCP (in most circumstances).

Available to Answer Your Questions

Our highest goal has always been to serve you and our local community with transparency, compassion, innovation, and efficiency. Our sales and account management teams are always available to assist you and will keep you informed of any forthcoming member communications.

Should you have any questions or wish to discuss these changes, please reach out to Michele Mills, Vice President, Sales, Community Care Health; or 559-776-7925.