Pharmacy Coverage

CCH has partnered with MedImpact as our Pharmacy Benefit Manager to provide your prescription drugs. MedImpact’s pharmacy network provides flexibility in receiving your prescriptions. To find a participating pharmacy near you, download the list of retail pharmacies.

As a CCH member, you can also obtain a 90-day supply of ongoing medications through the mail-order program with MedImpact Direct. With mail-order, you can have your prescriptions delivered right to your home. To learn more about the mail-order program or to obtain a mail order brochure, go to to register or, if you wish, you may speak with a MedImpact representative at 855-873-8739.

Please click on the link to complete a MedImpact Direct Medication Order Form.

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Commonly Prescribed Medications

A Prior Authorization may be required for coverage for certain medications that are designated by MedImpact.  A physician must submit the request utilizing form 61-211.  Please click here for the Prescription Drug Prior Authorization/Step Therapy Exception Request Form.

Click here to download your Preferred Drug List (PDL).

In the event you paid for a covered medication, but are eligible for reimbursement, please complete this form and send to MedImpact for the processing.

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If you have any questions regarding your pharmacy coverage, please contact MedImpact at 855-873-8739 to speak with a representative.