New For 2023

CCH is excited to bring its new EPO product offering to our community. As your area’s local health plan, we understand the value of continuing to deliver tailored and targeted plans designed to offer members the choice they deserve.

Exclusive Provider Organization Plan Options for Your Health Coverage Solutions

The EPO offers in-network coverage through CCH’s network while continuing to provide coverage for out-of-network emergency and urgent care services. Importantly, with the CCH EPO Plan, members are not required to select a Primary Care Provider and referrals are not required to see specialists,* providing the flexibility and timely access to care that we all are looking for.

EPO Plan Highlights

CCH does not require the selection of a PCP and referrals are not required to see specialists.



PCP Selection / Asssignment Required
PCP Referral Required for Specialty Care
Access to CCH Participating Providers
Access to Community Health Systems and Other Participating Hospitals in the Area
Services Must be Medically Necessary / Authorized
Authorized Care Outside of the Area
All Emergency and Urgent Care Covered at In-Network Benefit Level
* Please note that some specialist’s offices may require referral before they will make an appointment.

Want More Information?

CCH is excited to introduce the all-new for 2023 EPO Health Plan Options. For more information about products, plans and quotes, please call Michele Mills at 559-387-1153 or complete the form below.