State of the COVID Crisis – August 18, 2020

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Jennifer Trytten, Director of Infection Prevention and Clinical Performance Improvement at Community Medical Centers shares new data recently published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that shines new light on the challenges and concerns around the spread of COVID-19 among those that are not showing any symptoms (or, asymptomatic).
Based on the information provided by the CDC, it’s estimated that:

  • 40% of coronavirus transmissions are from those that do not have symptoms (or, are asymptomatic).

  • Unknowingly, each infected person will unintentionally infect an additional 2.5 people. In comparison, a person with the flu infects between 0.9-2.1 people.

  • A person without symptoms is 75% as infectious as a person with symptoms – they just don’t know they are infection someone.

  • 50% of transmissions are during the time when people don’t have symptoms.

This information stresses the importance that we continue to help slow the spread of this vius by: wearing a mask, staying socially distanced from one another (at least 6 feet apart) and washing our hands for at least 20 seconds with warm soap and water. 
If we continue to do our part, we can help slow the spread of coronavirus together.